This is a video converter service with additional features, which you can apply to video before convert. You can upload a source video file, set which part of a video to extract, apply additional features, select output file format, then convert and download the result.

This tool does not have an intention to replace professional video editing software, which is possible to download and install on your computer, but it can be used as a simple online alternative with the most used functions. Here are common use cases of this service:

  • Extract and save part of a video
  • Convert video from one format to another
  • Resize video
  • Extract audio track or part of audio track from video and save it to file
  • Remove audio from video or replace existing audio to other audio track
  • Add subtitles to the video

Application is improving and new features have been adding to this service. You can influence the order, in which new functions appear online. Please, vote for the most helpful feature which you would like to have in the future in the polling form below and you will be heard.

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Which of these features would you like to have the most in the future?


11.11.2021 - New educational video published: Using Audio Express Converter and Video Express Converter to create an audio playlist from raw video of a concert.

15.05.2021 - Video Express Converter service deployed and available online

26.04.2021 - Started development of Video Converter application

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